If you’re after hands on catering that is of high quality but catered more towards a budget than don’t look past our fantastic DIY Catering. This is a great option for those who would like the adventure of cooking themselves but don’t want the stress of running around. We can supply everything you need to ‘Do-It-Yourself’.

We take away the headache out of the preparation but you still get the credit for all the hard work!

We now even offer you a special salad option. Salads and meat are a marriage made in heaven and should be included when serving up meats.

Extras Included!

For just $6.50 per person, we can also include in your do-it-yourself package:
  • The hire of your spit or barbecue
  • Charcoal for spits and gas for barbecues
  • Selection of juicy tender fresh meats as well as condiments
  • Trim and preparation of the meats for you
  • The delivery of your spit or barbecue to your function and it’s set up
  • Instructions on how to maintain the cooking throughout your function
  • A 24 hour hotline provided just in case you have any questions or problems

Do-It-Yourself Pricelist

With the DIY Package, you do all the cooking. We supply the meats, salads, equipment, delivery and pickup with all cleaning included.
  • Spit and/or bbq set up and lit ready to go
  • Meats trimmed and put onto the spit for you
  • Delivery and pick up
  • Spit and BBQ cleaning
  • Natural wood charcoal and fire lighters for spit and gas for BBQ
No. of People BEEF LAMB *PORK/TURKEY STEAKS & SNAGS (free onions)
30-39 $19.50pp $20.50pp $23.50pp $17.00pp
40 – 49 $18.50pp $19.75pp $22.00pp $16.00pp
50 – 59 $16.50pp $17.00pp $19.00pp $15.00pp
60 - 69 $15.00pp $16.50pp $17.50pp $14.50pp
70 – 79 $13.50pp **$15.50pp **$16.50pp **$14.00pp
80 – 89 **$11.50pp **$14.50pp **$16.00pp **$12.00pp
90 – 99 **$10.pp **$13.73pp **$14.53pp **$10.25pp
100 and more **$9.50pp **$12.99pp **$12.99 **$9.99pp
  • **may include 2 spits and/or BBQ
  • Add $100 for Sunday or public holiday deliveries
Salad option - $6.95pp :
  • Your choice of 4 salads
  • Fresh bread rolls and butter
  • Hire of china plates, stainless steel cutlery (wash up included), serviettes